- You can return the products you have purchased from the cloubooks.gr in case you found a problem. The return must be made εντός 10 days from the date of receipt and accompanied by a copy of the receipt. In case of our fault, the shipping costs are charged to the cloubooks.gr

- Orders are shipped with a cooperating Courier Company εντός 1-3 working days if the books are readily available. If it comes to island destinations and inaccessible areas, the time can reach up to 5-10 working days

In case you have chosen to receive your order from the physical store KLOU, you will be notified by phone or email from our partners for the receipt of the order from the cashier of the store you have chosen.Your order will be available for 5 working days from your notification.In case you do not receive your order εντός of 5 days, your order will be cancelled.